Karl Bomengen



Western Washington University: A Gloomy Day (2 May 2002)

     I am dedicating this gallery to all of you not from the Northwest, who still believe all we have is gloomy dark weather.  I'm sorry about the bright colors of some of the flowers and the lack of a thunderstorm, I can only do so much for all of you.  It goes to show you that the Northwest is one of the most beautiful places in the world in any weather.

Red Square

Red Square is essentially Western's meeting place for everything.  Here on the left is the Humanities building, and on the right Frasier hall.  In the center of Red Square is Fisher Fountain.

Red Square

Here is a view of Red Square highlighting isamu Noguchi's Skyviewing Sculpture with Miller Hall behind it.


View from PAC Square

A view Northwest from the Performing Arts Center Square.  The square is named the PAC Square because it is literally resting on top of a portion of the Performing Arts Center.

For Handel and Wilson Library

"For Handel" by Mark di Suvero built out of I-beams and Wilson Library behind looking East from the Performing Arts Center Square.

Old Main

This is a view from the Performing Arts Square looking Southeast towards Old Main.

Naked Old Main

As I mentioned in a previous gallery, one year officials here at WWU decided to strip Old Main of its trademark vines.  Here is a view of part of the building still recovering.


Old Main

Here is a similar shot to one I took before, though the difference in foliage is remarkable.


Southern Section of Old Main Field

Western is known among its students for its rather unique grass.  The grass here is quite beautiful and vividly green, though never try to walk on it unless you know what you are doing.  The entire field is essentially a mud pit.

Nash Hall from Old Main Field



Nash Hall from across High Street

I couldn't resist taking a shot of Nash with a passing Whatcom Transit Authority bus.  Whatcom county has arguably the best bus service in the State of Washington.

Mathes Hall

This is a view of Mathes Hall, Nash's sister hall.

Nash Hall

Plain, everyday, normal shot of Nash Hall.