Karl Bomengen



Skagway, Alaska (June 2001)   

View from M.V. Le Conte

A view of mountains East of the ferry ride on the M.V. Le Conte from Juneau to Skagway.  These mountains can be seen from Mendenhall glacier (as indicated in the Mendenhall section).


A view of Mendenhall Glacier from the M.V. Le Conte

Skagway at 6 A.M.

The town is the complete opposite at about 1 P.M. when the cruise ships let out.

A view of the Mountains Northeast of Skagway

Also a great shot of a Skagway Airlines plane landing.

A view of Skagway and its port

Unusual Architecture

This shot is taken on the road to the Yukon out of Skagway.  I was quite stunned by this bridge and its rather elegant superstructure leaning one way.

The Yukon Territory sign on the road from Skagway

This is a shot of the quite colorful sign to the Yukon right before we turned around to head back through customs.

The "Welcome to Alaska" sign

I found the placement of this sign to be quite well done.

White Pass-Yukon Route snow train

This is the original snow train used on by the White Pass-Yukon Route.  The 3 cars would be coupled to an engine and its trained and pushed through the snow to create a path through since the connection was necessary. 

The scoop on the snow train

Here is a closer view of the snow scoop on the White Pass-Yukon Route old snow train.

A smoky view of the WP-YR tour train

The WP-YR train entering a tunnel

The White Pass-Yukon Route train is the most photographed running train in the world.

The White Pass-Yukon Route train

A Grey Line of Alaska bus

This is a view off the fantail of the M.V. Malispina looking towards a barge stopped dropping off cargo at a nearby town to Skagway.  The Alaska Marine Highway is the primary connection to all cities in Alaska seeing as Juneau itself is not connected to any outside road systems.