Karl Bomengen



Government Center

Cost: 25 Million
Time Frame: 2002-2004
Date of Completion: July 2004

Status: Mid-Level Development, Framing in place - Panels being applied
Last Page Update: 11 January 2003

     The Downtown Government Center is one of the flagship projects of the "Bremerton Harborside Development."  Some of the future occupants of the Government Center are the City of Bremerton, the Mayor of Bremerton's Office, Kitsap County Community Housing Authority, and the Public Health Department among others.  The City Hall, minus Police Department, will be housed on the top floor of the new Government Center with a great view of the downtown that they have encouraged to fruition. 

Photo Galleries
31 Oct/1 Nov/11 Nov 2003
Framing in place - 14 Photographs
14 November 2003
Beginning to coat the frame - 3 Photographs
24 November 2003
Placing panels on the coated frame sections - 
9 Photographs
26 November 2003
More panels - 7 Photographs
10 December 2003
More panels and almost done with the coating -
5 Photographs
18 December 2003
More Panels being applied to the exterior, 5th street window frames being placed - 5 Photographs