Karl Bomengen



Hotel and Convention Center

Cost: 40 Million
Time Frame: 2002-2004
Date of Completion: July 2004

Status: Mid-Level Development:
                         -Hotel: Third Floor near completion, Structural near completion.
                         -Convention Center: Framing going up
Last Page Update: 11 January 2004

     The Hotel and Convention Center was the second of the flagship projects do revitalize downtown Bremerton.  The Hotel's 110 rooms will be operated by Hilton's Hampton Inn hotel chain.  The Convention Center will feature a Grand Ballroom that can be split into 4 smaller ballrooms of at least 1,400 square feet, a meeting room, and two lobbies all run by Columbia Hospitality, Inc. 

     Also featured in the complex are three other major sections, the restaurant, retail space, and office space.  The Restaurant will likely be a high-end restaurant capable of attracting those interested in fine dining from across the area.  The Retail Space is under the 30,000 square feet of office space, separated into five spaces.  At this point the future occupants lined up are Subway and Cold Stone Creamery in the retail space on the ground floor and Kitsap Transit on the 2nd floor with 15,000 square feet.

Photo Galleries
Drawings and Plans - 16 November 2003
Courtesy of the City of Bremerton - 8 Photographs
31 Oct/1 Nov/3 Nov 2003
Foundation near completion - 10 Photographs
8 November 2003
Hotel section's framing starting - 12 Photographs
14 November 2003
Hotel framing continues - 5 Photographs
21 November 2003
Hotel framing continues - 11 Photographs
26 November 2003
Hotel framing preparing for second floor - 11 Photographs
6 December 2003
First Floor of Hotel near completion - 14 Photographs
10 December 2003
Convention Center framing going up - 21 Photographs
11 December 2003
Convention Center framing going up - 8 Photographs
12 December 2003
Convention Center framing going up and Hotel second floor beginning - 10 Photographs
15 December 2003
Convention Center starting second floor, Hotel second floor underway - 4 Photographs
19 December 2003
Hotel second floor near completion, Convention Center second floor framing near completion - 4 Photos
27 December 2003
Both third floors underway - 3 Photographs
2 January 2004
Third Floors continued - 5 Photographs
11 January 2004
Hotel nearing structural completion, Convention Center third story framing near complete - 6 Photographs