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     Downtown Bremerton has been an area through which most people travel to and from the ferry with little interest in what there is to offer, primarily since there wasn't enough to entice someone to stay for any real period of time.  Bremerton's downtown had the ferry, the Naval Museum, a few art galleries, the Kitsap Museum, and a few small places to shop and eat.  Recently Bremerton has undertaken a downtown revitalization that will bring many significant improvements to our downtown area and hopefully will entice some of Bremerton to start spending money and time in downtown. 

     On this site I hope to provide a visual history of the construction of these sites, any information I can gather, and to help show how important and amazing the City of Bremerton is.  So far I have had quite a bit of support from the City of Bremerton through many publications and images, as well as the enthusiasm of Mayor Bozeman and the entire administration that has made the entire development possible.  If anyone else can provide information or images, I would be happy to include them on this site.


General Publications and Information

Maps, Aerial Views, Information Packets, and other useful information.

Kitsap County Government Center

Updated: 11 January 2004

Bremerton Hotel and Convention Center

Updated: 11 January 2004

Kitsap Credit Union New Branch and Office

Updated: 17 November 2003

Naval Museum

Updated: 26 November 2003

Maritime Park

Updated: 29 November 2003

Memorial Park

Updated 11 December 2003

New Downtown Fire Station

Updated: 14 December 2003

Public Safety Building

Updated: 14 December 2003

Other Proposed Developments

Bremerton Condominiums
First Street/Burwell Ferry Tunnel Possible Old Penny's Farmer's Market
Downtown Parking Garage Expanded Marina

Some images on this page are from other groups/organizations.  Government Center/Convention Center/Aerial images from the City of Bremerton.  Kitsap Credit Union Office Building from Kitsap Community Credit Union.  Building 50 image courtesy of Bremerton Naval Museum.